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Knitting Pilgrim

The Knitting Pilgrim


About The Show

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An international textile exhibition, one-hour theatrical play and talkback tour about knitting together the Abrahamic faiths. 

Kirk Dunn has been knitting Stitched Glass, his textile installation of 3 hand-knit tapestries, each 6 ft by 9 ft in size, exploring the commonalities and differences of the Abrahamic faiths, for 15 years. Starting in the Spring of 2019, Ergo Arts Theatre will tour the textile exhibition alongside a one-hour theatrical play called The Knitting Pilgrim, performed by Kirk, animating the exhibition. The evening of exhibition and play can also feature a panel discussion about the issues of interfaith understanding, compassion and empathy. 



Combining truth and fiction, The Knitting Pilgrim is a 1-hour interdisciplinary performance, using textile art, story-telling and light projection. 

Kirk recounts the ups and downs of taking 15 years to hand-knit 3 large tapestries in the style of stained glass windows, exploring the commonalities and conflicts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But now that they’re ready to show, Kirk is crippled by doubt: how can one person (a knitter) help heal the rifts between the Abrahamic faiths? 


This inner struggle is mirrored by an outer one when Kirk confronts an anti-immigration protester – the very sort of person Kirk hopes to reach with his tapestries. By taking a risk to engage with someone with whom, on the surface, Kirk shares no common ground, the discourse is begun. 


Can one man save the world with knitting? Maybe not, but he can try.