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About Ergo Pink Fest 2019



March 28-31


We are back with our 2nd annual Ergo Pink Fest, a festival showcasing the works of women and non-binary playwrights. The festival gives playwrights tailored dramaturgy and mentorship to help them take their work to the next level.

Why Pink Fest

The idea for the festival was formed when Ergo Arts Theatre’s Artistic Director, Anna Pappas, read in the 2015 Equity in Theatre study by the Playwrights Guild of Canada that “The greatest disparity in gender equity happens in the playwright category.” While some progress has been made over the past four years in changing the dominant voice in theatre, Ergo Arts is committed to continuing the push forward toward equitable and inclusive art.

The 2019 Ergo Pink Fest Playwrights


Find out a little more about them here

What happens

Whether the play is in its early incubation stage or further into final development, the support is tailored to each circumstance. For some, there will be one-on-one dramaturgy; others will have the initial support of the dramaturg and move into workshops with actors and a director. The Festival will feature readings of some of these works in progress. Alongside the presentations will be panel discussions, as well as workshops for playwrights and the public.

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