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by Claire Ross Dunn^

This will be a closed session reading

When small-town Daffodil slips on a cow patty and bonks her head, she starts to see Elvis, much to cosmopolitan Ivy’s consternation, who has big-city plans that don’t include her dotty sister, rural Ontario, Elvis, or cow patties. Grapeland is about the need for big problems – whether they be familial, romantic, or concerning the precariousness of rural life – to be solved with equally big leaps of faith. And hopefully those leaps are nowhere near a cow patty.


Monkey Wrench

by Shelley M. Hobbs^

Friday, March 29    7:00pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want   $7, $12 or $17

Vic and their ne’er-do-well cousin Dawn embark on a mission to rescue Vic’s Mom from Vic’s abusive Dad. Aided and abetted by the town's fiercest ladies, the cousins' efforts culminate in a confrontation at the family farm involving fabric, feral pigs, and metal Creatures of Doom.

Directed by: Chantal Forde

With:  Gina Clayton*, Deborah Drakeford*, Marcia Johnson*, Daniel Karasik*, Kate Werneburg*,

Running time: Approx. 65 min


by Kai Taddei^

Friday, March 29    9:00pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want   $7, $12 or $17

Seventeen-year old Kat has just decided to become a Satanist. Meanwhile, her cousin Eli is trying to find a way to come out as transgender to his strictly Roman Catholic Italian family. When Kat's attempts at ally-ship land Eli in serious trouble, both cousins are left to ask: how do we juggle multiple conflicting identities? Is it even possible?

Directed by: Paula Wing*

With: Aisha Evelyna, April Leung, River Oliveira, Elias Pappas

Running time: Approx. 90 min

How I Became a tramp

By Vicki Zhang

Saturday, March 30   2:00 pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want   $7, $12 or $17

Cuicui, a young woman born into Confucius' hometown, contends with traditional womanhood. With lofty career aspirations, she strives for success until an arranged marriage and a philanderer send her into a downward spiral.

Directed by: Susan A. Lock*

With: Shiong En Chan*, Shuyi Jia, Stephanie Jung*, Nam Nguyen, Richard Tse*

Running time: Approx. 85 min


by Kit Mckeown

Saturday, March 30     4:00 pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want   $7, $12 or $17

“1916. Hot, dry Tennessee. My name is Mary and I am accused of murder.

I am an elephant.”

Directed by: Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster*

With: Catherine Fitch*

Running time: Approx. 65 min

LectureD Demonstration: Introduction to Intimacy Training by Siobhan Richardson

Saturday, March 30   5:30 pm


Siobhan Richardson is an Intimacy Director and co-founder of Intimacy Directors International. She is currently the only person in Canada recognized as an Intimacy Director by Tonia Sina, founder of the Intimacy For The Stage method. Siobhan has built an impressive resume in this field, including several directing, choreography, and teaching credits across Canada, Europe, and the United States. Siobhan is also an actor, fighter, singer, dancer, and a fight director/stage combat instructor through FDC.

Siobhan BW Headshot.jpg


by Caitie Graham^

Saturday, March 30   8:30pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want  $7, $12 or $17

Cata wakes up with an angry tattoo on her leg. When the memory of everyone involved is clouded by drinking, denial, or desire, whose version of the truth is Cata supposed to believe? GASH is a fierce exploration of a young girl's sexuality, an act of violence that devastates a friendship, and the question; can truth be subjective?

Directed by: Lisa Karen Cox*

With: athena kaitlin trinh, JD Leslie, Tony Ofori*

Running time: Approx. 65 min

PANEL: The Business of PLaywriting and how to talk about your work

Sunday March 31 2:00-3:30pm


Moderator: Joanna Falck, Literary Manager at Tarragon Theatre   

Panelists: Rebecca Burton, Membership & Professional Contracts Manager at Playwrights Guild of Canada, Matt McGeachy, Company Dramaturg at Factory Theatre, Myekah Payne, Company Dramaturg at Obsidian



Geologic Formations

by mia susan amir^

Sunday, March 31 6:30 pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want   $7, $12 or $17

Melding intimate personal narrative, cognitive neuroscience, documentary research, and the absurd, Geologic Formations is a transdisciplinary performance work exploring the present-unseen.

When Bricks finds photos in her Saba’s album documenting Jewish life in Białystok, Poland, following the defeat of the Nazis, she undertakes a journey that crosses and collapses time and geography, to talk to ghosts, to decode what shapes our perceptions, uncovering the way socio-political events haunt and shape the individual and collective body.

Historically inspired, Geologic Formations is a response to the contemporary rise of fascism.

Directed by: Anita La Selva*

With: Kate Gordon*, Lilia Leon, Jajube Mandiela, Julie Tepperman*, Erica May Wood*


Between a Wok and a Hot Pot

by Amanda Lin

Sunday, March 31    8:30 pm

A Staged Reading

Pay What You Want   $7, $12 or $17

Bubble tea. Kimchi. Hot pot. It’s cool to be Asian right now. While serving a hot pot dinner to her audience, Amanda reminisces on when it wasn’t so cool to be Asian, and delves into the complicated topic of identity and cultural appropriation in food and art.

Directed by: Marjorie Chan*

With: Amanda Lin and Kenzie Tsang

Workshopped with April Leung

Running time: Approx. 65 min

* The participation of these Artists is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy.

^ A member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada.


A scent- and fragrance-reduced event

Please help to make this a scent- and fragrance-reduced event for those members of our team and the public who live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Find out how you can support this here: ABOUT MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY

Small World Music Centre

Artscape Youngplace- Studio 101

180 Shaw St Toronto




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