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MaY 28-31

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Ergo Arts Theatre is happy to announce its 3rd annual Ergo Pink Fest (a four-day festival in May 2020 that supports develops and showcases the works of women playwrights and playwrights of marginalized gender identities). This is a juried event of plays that pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test (modified to include non-binary and transgender characters). The Festival will feature new submissions to be juried by a panel of theatre artists, as well as other unproduced works from women and non-binary playwrights across Canada.

WHAT we are looking for

Ergo Arts Theatre is looking for One-Act and Full-Length Plays about women and individuals of marginalized genders. Plays must include the following criteria: 

  • Must be an unproduced, original work

  • Must be at least in the first draft stage. (We may ask for the full draft. Please do not submit plays that are not at this stage)

  • Must be written by a Canadian playwright (woman, non-binary, trans or any marginalized gender identity)

  • Must pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test:

    1. The work must feature at least two women (modified to include non-binary, transgender characters and characters with marginalized gender identities),

    2. who talk to each other,

    3. about something other than a man

  • Must be able to be read/performed by no more than 5 actors

  • One-act plays must run between 50-60 minutes (approx. 45-60 pages)

    • There will be a maximum of 6 slots available for 60 min plays

  • Full-length plays must run between 75-90 min max

    • There will be a maximum of 2 slots available for full-length plays

If your piece is selected, you will be led through the initial development period with a dramaturg leading up to the festival. When you have completed your one-on-one dramaturgy period, you will confer with your dramaturg and festival director about the appropriate next steps of development. Your play may continue with further dramaturgy or proceed to a workshop and rehearsal period with your dramaturg, professional actors and a director, that will culminate in a staged reading of your work in the festival. These readings will take place May 28-31, 2020.

What you need to apply

Your application must include:

  1. Application form HERE

  2. Script Sample (20 pages max). Script sample must be 20 continuous pages of the play.

  3. A $20 application fee – This is a reading fee.

Deadline for Submissions:  November 17, 2019

Notification Date: January 2020

Only one submission per candidate please.

Please note:

Ergo Arts Theatre and Ergo Pink Fest welcomes participants from all over Canada. The festival will cover the costs of 3 sessions with a professional dramaturg (for any out-of-town artists, these sessions can be done remotely through video conference call); an initial read-through of the play with the dramaturg, a professional director and actors; and if plays move to a second phase, a minimum of 2 workshop days with the director and actors; and 1 staged reading for a public audience in a Toronto theatre. It is highly recommended for playwrights to be in Toronto for the read-through, workshops and staged readings. At this point, unfortunately, there is no funding for transportation or accommodation subsidies for out-of-town artists. All applicants residing outside of the GTA will be responsible for their own transportation to and from Toronto and their meals and accommodation during the dramaturgy and workshops and for the duration of the festival.

Application Bursary – Ergo Arts Theatre understands that financial circumstances vary and we want you to know financial barriers should not prevent you from applying to Ergo Pink Fest. If you require assistance covering the application fee, please send us a message at (with the subject line, “EPF 2020 Application Bursary”, to let us know.